About Me

I am a recent film production graduate with a strong interest in visual effects. From a young age, I have been captivated by the magic of film and the endless possibilities of creating visual effects. As a professional, I am dedicated and driven to succeed, always seeking out new opportunities to develop my skills and grow in my field. This website showcases some of the work I have done, and I hope it demonstrates my passion for film production and visual effects.


A quick video lookthrough of my visual effects work. From text replacement to deepfakes, 3D camera extensions to merging takes together.

My latest work - The Fruitless Truth Short Film

I'm very proud of this short film. It was produced as part of a final film school project. I directed, edited, and created visual effects for it.

Starring Gabriella Calderone, Maleecq Neeyo, Sophie Jane Corner, Marcus Knight, with Frankie Espin. Produced by Zuzanna Kowalczyk, DP Jurate Trimonyte, Co-Writer and First AD Victoria Knight, Sound by Isaac Johnson, Lighting Grips Jack Selvester and Marcus Knight, and Original Score by Chambria Dalhouse.

Playlist with my Recent films

Featuring animation, live action, visual effects, and editing.

What I’m good at?

Software Knowledge

I have a lot of experience creating visual effects in After Effects, and formal training in Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve.

Creative Ideas

I've always been ambitious, and willing to learn new things to get my vision created. I've been making films since I was a child.

Hard Working

When I get stuck into the things I love I can work very hard to achieve them.

Buss Word

And a fourth thing to put into these boxes that sounds fresh and exciting.

Contact Me

Reach out to me through email [email protected]